PT Pratama Andalan Solusindo

Improve Productivity

Pratama Andalan Solusindo (PAS in short) is a systems integrator that delivers innovative, technology-enabled business solutions for small and medium enterprises, and government agencies to leverage existing and new technology to increase their productivity. In addition to providing traditional IT services, PAS differentiates its services portfolio with innovative productivity management solutions.

Common Problems Every Company will Experience
While every company is different and has its own unique set of challenges, most companies will face at least some of the following problems:
• Inefficient scheduling of resources
• Slow production cycles
• Uncontrolled purchasing procedures
• Inefficient materials requirement planning
• Data inconsistencies
• Decreasing customer loyalty
• High overhead costs
• Delayed financial tracking and analysis
Overtime, experiencing any of these problems can negatively impact your bottom line. If you are currently experiencing any of the above problems, your company can benefit from investing in our solution.

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