PT Pratama Andalan Solusindo


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Collaboration, by definition, is about getting work done together.

The sort of knowledge work and project planning tasks we can accomplish in collaborative environment usually get done in relatively small teams. We create collaboration network where we can get something accomplished. Our project leader might have collaborative network teams that will be used to create specific team to provide solution for our customers.

We maintain a strong technical force product-services innovation through collaboration with outstanding experts in the industry. We established strong competitiveness to gain the market, such as solutions offered which give the best value to our customers

With years of combined experience in the IT related implementation in Indonesia, our collaborative technical experts have hands-on, practical expertise in IT related configuration, installation, maintenance and repair that few teams can match.

Central to many of our solutions are the advanced technical skills and certifications of our collaborative engineers. This expertise provides great value to our clients to deploy teams of certified experts to provide solution for our customers, especially in improving their productivity.